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Our History

A story that began with big dreams and unnerving drive.

Cyereg wasn’t founded just to be a part of the crowd. And neither did it come to existence just to offer the same line of services. Since the inception, Cyereg was meant to be an industry-difference-maker that pulls quality and affordability together and redefines customer satisfaction on the digital scene. In Steve Jobs-esque way, we wanted to ‘put a ding in the market’. And, over the course, with a pool of countless happy clients in our bag, we have done that successfully.

Brainstormed by few individuals, pushed by driven professionals, and fuelled to new heights by a diverse team, we are now one of the leading digital solution providers in the USA. We’re also in partnership with Kolkata-based Kreative Machinez, a highly reputed digital marketing company in India. We offer the widest range of services of superior quality at the most competitive pricing—right from website development and digital marketing to web hosting and graphic designing.

Our Mission

On way to become a globally recognized and trusted name…

At Cyereg, we work with the idea of ‘making a difference’. Catering businesses of diverse industries – right from wholesale to retail, apparel to furniture, and SaaS to hospitality – ours is a simple goal of helping clients enjoy optimum Return on Investment (ROI). Whether they require to drive higher website traffic and conversion or captivate the target audience with awe-inspiring graphics, or host website with 99.9% uptime guarantee, we have a large and ever-growing team of best professionals who are always at ready to take up challenges and deliver clients exactly on their expectations.

Keeping ourselves off the rat race, we’re on a mission to become a globally recognized and trusted name when it comes to digital solutions. And this isn’t just a mission for its sake. With milestones positioned well and actions defined for everyone, we’re striding faster to this target than expected.

Our Vision

When kickstarting a new business, one shouldn’t worry about succeeding. When trying to grow their business, one must not question the applicability of the plan. And when trying to improve their sales, business owners must not fear the cost and quality of digital solutions. The good people at Cyereg visions a digital market where it’s as easy to run a (successful) business as it is to think about it. And with a persisting dedication, we’re closer than ever in turning this highly aspirational vision into a distinct reality.

Our Team

Cyereg homes some of the best people of a diverse niche—from developers to writers and SEO executives to designers. These are professionals and experts who tout unmatched qualifications and years of experience of writing big success stories. Meet the face of our different teams…

Majid (Mike) Mireskandari

Co Founder & President

Pramod ( Premo) K Maloo

Co Founder, VP, Sales & Operations

Neha ( Nancy) Mandhyan

Manager, Sales

Sandeep ( Sandy) Patra

Head, Technology