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4 SEO Steps You Need to Take to Rank Higher on Google, Bing

Indeed, when it comes to outdoing your top competitors on Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP), you’re going to have to take more than just five SEO steps. Your entire digital marketing efforts must be synced to a well-thought strategy that, itself, should be mapped with a thorough planning.

But when you slay all those complexities and intensiveness of the “right process”, SEO can really be outlined in few sentences. At least in this day and age when its traditional definition has taken a complete 360. Taking this into account, here are 4 SEO steps you need to take immediately to rank higher on Google and Bing:

1.Put all your attention on mobile users

A few months back, Google rolled-out its mobile-first indexing. And the search engine made it pretty clear how serious it is to the needs of mobile users. Following the update, it now prioritizes the mobile version of the websites atop the desktop version. While it’s believed that those who have the same version of websites across devices shouldn’t panic, things will certainly change even for them.

All in all, how your website looks and performs on mobile has become extremely important. That’s where Google’s attention is—and that’s where your attention should be as well.

Optimize your website for the handheld devices—right from its design to layout to contents. The better your website functions on mobile devices, the better will it rank on mobile SERP, as well as on desktop Google result.

2.Start focusing on the LSI keywords

Search engines do not focus on keywords as much as they once did. They have other parameters to understand the piece of content. Looking at its intent is one of them. They attend to content’s objective and then match it to users’ intent to come up with a list of result.

This is where the LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing keywords) have come into prominence. They are basically the synonyms or related word to the original keywords, which helps search engines identify the real intent of your content. For instance, if you have written an article on Apple, how will Google know if you’re talking about the fruit or the iPhone maker? They will look for the related LSI keywords, which could be anything here, like “iPhone” “Steve Jobs”.

So, instead of plugging in your primary and secondary keywords everywhere and look spammy, start focusing on the LSI keywords. The variation in your words will make the copy interesting and engaging to reader—and, primarily, at the same time, they would help search engines better understand your content.

3.Publish in-depth blog posts every week

Today, SEO and content marketing cross paths very regularly. In fact, nearly every major SEO action is incomplete without good contents. So, if you still haven’t taken up blogging, you’re basically doing yourself a big disfavor.

Start publishing blog posts every week, if not frequently. Produce high-quality, relevant and targeted contents that are optimized to help readers with their needs and problems. Aside from the fact that search engines love fresh and detail-oriented contents, these blog posts will attract more readers, which can easily engage and convert them. Meaning, putting up high quality contents on your website on a regular basis can unlock you newer opportunities to higher sales.

4.Have the best SEO company by your side

Even when DIY steps are rather easy to pull, strategy-making and then working around it is NOT. To get an optimized return, it’s best that you have the best search engine marketing company. The right professional can effectively help you optimize your website for over 200 ranking factors, taking care of everything from UX-optimized website design to the technical SEO like implementing schema markup and AMP.

So, instead of going alone, hire the best SEO company. They can easily help you rank higher on Google and Bing, achieving for you higher traffic, engagement, and conversion.

These are 4 SEO steps you need to take immediately if you want to rank higher on search engines. Remember, with competition so high in virtually every industry, getting high (and consistent) search organic traffic to your website is more difficult than ever. A lot will depend on the decisions you make and the steps you take. So, take the aforementioned 4 steps and fly high on SERP.