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5 Digital Marketing Tactics Startups Must Give Up In 2019

Start-up culture is still going strong and high. But here’s a thing that very few people admit…

Starting a new company is now very easy. Growing and sustaining it is the difficult part.

No wonder, numbers suggest that a staggering half of small businesses fail within the first four years. And this fact alone is quite disheartening when you realize that that 77 percent of such businesses rely on personal savings for their initial funds.

True to their real definition, these entrepreneurs take big risks and put their financial well-being at stake.

This takes us to the central topic—how failing to achieve a good competency level in marketing contributes greatly to their failures!

So, if you own a startup, it’s imperative to have an impeccable marketing strategy.

To give you the right start, here are 5 digital marketing tactics that startups must give up in 2019:

Focusing on the organic reach

Don’t get this wrong. Organic reach is still very important. And if you do things correctly in this department, it could be a complete game-changer for you.

However, in 2019, still obsessing the organic reach on social media platforms and search engines doesn’t sound like a very good idea.

Irrespective of your niche, the competition level is at its ultra-high. Ranking on the first page of Google for good keywords is more difficult than ever.

Similarly, in an old news, organic reach on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is decreasing by passing days.

So, in order to grow, it’s imperative that you stop obsessing about organic reach and make paid efforts.

Facebook and Instagram paid ad programs are highly under-priced. LinkedIn ad program, if pulled correctly, is nothing less than miraculous for the B2Bs.

So, expand your marketing budget and invest more in paid programs to drive higher reach, traffic, and conversion in a limited span.

Chasing the number of fans and followers

Talking about social media, the relevance of the number of fans and followers has never been this low. Today, even those pages with millions of fans are struggling with poor reach.

So, in 2019. It’s high time that startups do away from chasing the irrelevant benchmarks and metrics on social media platforms.

Instead of that, they must make engagement as the biggest KPI. You can drive great business even with a few hundred and thousands of following on Facebook and Twitter.

So, once you have reached the optimum minimal point where you can make an adequate profit, stop focusing on acquiring more fans. Engage whatever number you have and drive greater value from them.

Shift your approach from aiming for a large fan base to creating a loyal community.

Blogging… for the sake of it

Blogging is the single most important component of digital marketing today. But it’s sad that so many startups have mistaken it.

Writing blog posts for the sake of it – or because others are doing it – is NOT a good reason.

Blogging must have a purpose. It must be done with certain, measurable goals in action behind the doors.

How do you want your blog posts to fit in the sales funnel? How will they help in attracting more prospects? How will they help in generating you more leads and conversions? How will they help your website rank higher on search engines?

These are questions and aspects that your blogging strategy must address. To that, just creating blog posts isn’t sufficient. You must have a proper distribution strategy.

Too many texts in content marketing

Content marketing is the “it” on the scene right now. However, for whatever reason, many people center this trend only around texts. Are you one of them?

Content includes a lot more than just texts. It also includes images, videos, apps and so much more.

So, in 2019, when you’re mapping a content marketing strategy, don’t just focus entirely on blogging and guest blogging.

Video consumption, in recent times, has increased by leaps and bounds. Infographics, too, have proven to drive higher engagement and conversion.

Meaning, start producing different forms of content now. In fact, with trends so strong in its favor, pay special attention to videos. Publish more video contents across different platforms, right from Facebook to YouTube to SnapChat.

Broaden your content marketing strategy. Hire a good digital marketing strategy CA based to help you with your campaigns.

Targeting “everyone”

We’re living in a time when trying to target “everyone” is the biggest factor behind failures. Also, it’s a foolish approach.

Going niche is the smartest move startups can make today. And to survive in the competitive market, that’s what they must imminently do in 2019.

Your focus should be away from “everyone” and on selected segments who are your exact target audience. Your marketing approach should be shaped around a niche (or sub-niche). This will not only make achieving goals easier but also supplement your business growth and sustainability.

Remember, you don’t need thousands and millions of customers. To succeed and drive higher profit, all you need if a few hundred and thousands of people.

So, as a startup, stop carrying that “everything” and “everyone” mindset. Leverage niche market and segmentation.


These are 5 digital marketing tactics that startups must give up in 2019. Because they are becoming less and less relevant.

There exist plenty more and better alternatives that you should employ moving ahead.

If needed, instead of relying on freelancers and in-house teams, find one of the top digital marketing agencies and let them help through the process.