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5 Secret Arsenals of (Super) Popular Brand Logos

A Logo is much more than just a graphic that accompanies your brand name for visual appeal. If shaped and invested in well, it can become the biggest driver for your business.

Look at top brands with popular logos, for example; just a mere presence of their logos on products can drive them improved recognition and higher sales.

Sadly, so many of today’s startups, aiming for short-term success with non-permissive marketing strategies, they don’t invest in their brand logo. Are you one of them?

Change your approach, if yes.

Hire an affordable logo design company and draw your business an enthralling logo that stands-out and exude better value.

To help you get started, here are 5 secret arsenals of (super) popular brand logos that you can replicate for your own purpose:

A fascinating (and unique) backstory

From Starbucks and McDonalds to Uber and Airbnb—all these brands have a solid backstory to exist in the first place. They stand for original ideas and principles.

For instance, when you see the logo of Uber, you think of convenient cab hailing. And that’s the core story of this brand—’your ride, on demand’. The character-based logo of FedEx also dexterously features an arrow, which highlights the company’s goals and commitment to always move forward.

So, your brand must have a fascinating and unique backstory that establishes the reasons for your existence, your mission, and principles. So that the next time people see that brand logo, they automatically get reminded of this story, which then helps them connect with your brand.

(Note: This backstory must be marketed well though.)

The hidden meaning

Again, if you look at the popular logos, most of them have hidden meanings behind. And this makes their presence so much interesting and easy to connect.

Adidas has three stripes which resemble a mountain, signifying the challenges that people must cover. Toyota’s logo has overlapping oval shapes that imply the intersection of the company’s heart with the customers’.

Now, of course, it isn’t mandatory to a logo design that has hidden meanings. However, having one certainly puts you in an advantageous position. Your logo comes off as much more interesting, which cascades it to make it more memorable. And when people remember your brand logo, it’s very likely that they will remember your story, and hence, your products and services.

So, when hiring a logo design company, in your brief, ask them to keep the logo design slightly clever.

Minimalism at its best

This is simple. Keep your logo design very simple. Not only will it be easier to memorize for the audience but will also look beautiful. (Remember, there’s a whole different level of beauty in minimalism.)

Besides, a simple logo design brings more clarity to your message and is more scalable.

Nike, Apple, BBC, Facebook, WhatsApp—they all have rather minimal logo designs that we all remember.

The “feel good” factor  

It should be noted that the backstory and hidden meaning mentioned in points #1 and #2 should be taken in the context of optimism and inspiration. Meaning to say, you cannot have a story and meaning that’s dark!

An effective logo design must have a positive and motivating factor behind the doors that makes people feel good.

Google’s multi-color logo signifies vibrancy in its work culture and products. Amazon’s logo where an arrow stretches from alphabet ‘a’ to ‘z’ in the shape of a smile indicates that the company offers all kinds of products.

In short, your logo must be surrounded with that “feel good” feel that makes people happier and motivated when they associate themselves with you.

Original and nothing less than original

Nothing can be worse than getting labeled as “unoriginal” or XYZ rip-off.

Marmot still gets called as Motorola rip-off. Logo used in the election campaign of Barack Obama was entirely copied from Pepsi’s. NBC and Nebraska ETB Network have virtually identical logos.

You don’t want to fall into the same category.

It’s important that your logo is completely original. Yes, it can take inspiration from other brands. But taking its color scheme and overall symmetry in entirety isn’t a very good idea. So, ensure that before approving a final logo, it doesn’t match with any of another brand’s logo.

Popular brand logos are original to the core. And this adds more value to their recognition.


Again, your brand logo can be much more than just an appealing visual. If you invest in it well, it can take your business to the next level.

Now before investing in it, you must have a good logo design in the first place.

Follow the footprints of top brands. The above 5 factors make their logo design highly appealing, popular and easy to remember. Ask your logo design company to keep your design around the same factors.


Use your brand logo to drive more business. Hire an affordable logo design company and ask them to create you a beautiful logo that’s easy to remember and have a story to back its existence.