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How You Can Help Your SEO Agency To Achieve Better Result

Success in the digital landscape is a collective work. You cannot hire a third-party agency and assume that they would miraculously turn all your metrics green. Sure, they are being paid to help you rank higher on search engines and drive organic traffic. But then, in their capacity, they are limited. For effective execution, they essentially require your support and assistance.

Sadly, this is something that so many business owners fail to realize. To achieve the desired goals, they must work together with the hired provider of search engine optimization services.

Here are 5 ways how you can help your SEO agency to achieve better results:

Talk about your goals in details

Yes, you want to rank higher and get more traffic. But these are “goals” are rather vague. They must have several well-defined sub-goals and benchmarks.

For instance, by the end of the year, how many organic visitors do you want on your blog? Or, in the next 2 months, what improvements do you expect in the search ranking of your website for ‘XYZ’ keywords?

You must convey sub-goals clearly and in the most definite terms. This will lead to proper discussions, which will soon shape into an ideal SEO strategy.

When your goals are vague, the strategy will be vague, plans hollow and promises unattainable.


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Understand their techniques

You must partake in the process just as much as them.

Here’s something business owners must understand soon. It’s their business. It’s their goals and ambitions. They simply cannot expect someone else to share the same passion as them—even when they are getting paid for it.

So, while the SEO agency can work day-nigh very hard, you shouldn’t expect them to be passionate about your business as much as you. Meaning, leaving them be solely responsible for an important department of your business is not a very sane idea.

Without being too intrusive and obsessive, get involved in the whole process. Understand the SEO strategies they have for your website, the kind of techniques they are employing, and so forth.

Create a branding strategy together

Search engine optimization is fast becoming less of keywords and more about brands. Google any query. And you find the first page is dominated by known brands. So, your SEO strategy must always go hand-in-hand with branding efforts.

And when it comes to branding, you’re your best agency. No one can do it better than you. Because you understand your brand and business more intimately than anyone else.

Hire the best SEO company, sit together, talk about your brand and help them understand how they should treat your brand name (and story) in their SEO strategy.

Go on weekly reporting with them

It’s so surprising that so many business owners regard and prioritize reporting so less. This usually culminates from the idea that the hired agency is solely responsible for the success and failure of their department, and that the company itself cannot be held accountable if goals and deadlines are missed.

This is one of the flaw-est approaches that has ‘fail’ written all over it.

How things are panning out, are the strategies working, how far you are from your sub-goals, what changes need to be made and so forth—all these questions and aspects are of high importance. And they must be discussed with the hired SEO agency.

So, imperatively, go on weekly reporting with the agency.

Ask them (lots of) questions

All being said and done, SEO agencies must be held responsible. (Read ‘responsible’ and NOT ‘gagged’).

So, be it in the reporting or on a regular day, get in touch with professionals working on your project and ask them questions. From on-going campaigns to future prospect—cover all the topics that are in your mind.

Discuss every aspect of the SEO—why traffic is decreasing (or increasing), how they can use contents better, what new plans they want to employ to drive higher conversion and so forth.

Some of the agencies, working on many projects of various clients together, can get reluctant to few projects; they might not spare as much time on the project as they should. This is where asking them questions and holding them responsible for the few metrics can come to push them to work better.


These are 5 ways how you can help your SEO agency to achieve even better results.

So, once you have hired a third-party, don’t just sit idle and hope for them to shoulder all your burden. Achieving digital success is a collective work. You must work along with your agency.