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Is Your Business Ready For this (Old) Online Trend?

In November 2016, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage for the very first time. And since then, there hasn’t been any slowdown in this trend. Between 2016 and 2017, the rate of visits from mobile devices grew from 57 percent to 63 percent. And mobile bounce rate decreased by a sizeable 5 percent.

These numbers, sweeping as they may be, are also quite old and cliched. However, they do foretell one very hard fact that every business must shape their strategies around. Right now, we’re living in a mobile-centric world. But, soon, the trendline will shift to a radical path and we’ll be living in a mobile-only world.

While desktops and laptops would still exist, everything will happen on smartphones. Many would bid-adieu their laptops and handle their online business entirely through their phone. Many are, in fact, already doing this; Gary Vee being the most prominent one.

Prepare for the Mobile-Only World

So, to stay ahead in the game, it’s incredibly important that business owners start preparing for the ‘mobile world’ right from today. Now, they don’t necessarily have to bring any drastic change in their approach—and neither do they have to bulk up their budget.

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They simply have to do what they are being told for so long: focus on mobile users.

It’s bafflingly surprising that so many business owners haven’t yet optimized their website for mobile devices. While some have websites that do not respond to small screen fluently, there are also those who simply do not care about responsiveness. Of course, they are losing more than they can contemplate. If you’re one of them, with influent website adaptability to small screens, hire a good website design company in USA immediately.

A lot more than responsiveness…

Preparing your digital strategies for the mobile-only world is much more than just making your website responsive. There’s a lot more to it than this. And it all comes down to User Experience (UX).

The website must be optimized uniquely, on the back of hard data, for all the mobile users. This includes being selective in colors, features, navigation, landing page, contents and more. Did you know some colors covert better on mobile than desktop?

The overall functioning and offerings of the website must aim to deliver the highest of user-experience. This also includes optimizing it for voice search and virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa.

Also, your SEO strategy must be refined. For the beginners, you must start targeting the mobile keywords. Second, the contents (and their formatting) must be created to serve the mobile users, keeping in view their preference, needs and attention span.

All such measures, indeed, will take time. Moreover, they might not necessarily deliver you immediate rewards. But then these are the by-products of being an early-starter.

We’re already seeing more mobile internet penetration than ever. And in the coming years, the world is turning ‘Mobile-Only’. If you want to stay ahead in the game and gain an unfair advantage over competitors, starting immediately is the key. Hire the right website designer, the best SEO company in USA, build a strategic roadmap for the next 10 years, and then stick to that plan devotedly. Once the world migrates to mobile, you will enjoy heightened rewards.