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The 3 Classic (and Hidden) Signs of a Bad Digital Marketing Agency

You’ve been told plenty of times about how to find the best digital marketing agency in Woodlands Hills. But if you’re like so many, those “tips” and “tricks” wouldn’t be much to avail. They are vague at best. The simple solution to this rather complex situation is NOT to identify a good marketing agency but to spot (and eliminate) the bad ones. Thankfully, this process is quite simple. You just have to look out for the classic signs…

…the classic signs of bad digital marketing companies in USA. Now, there are many. The same-old, same-old includes:

If they are newly formed, be skeptical

Very few numbers of clients

A small team of professionals

Poor-looking website

Negative reviews on Google and other forums

While none of these are fool-proof or have any definite validation, they are sufficient to spot a bad marketing agency. However, given it matters the success of your business, your research must stretch beyond these conventional lines. Here are 3 classic signs of a bad market player that clients usually forget to factor or care about:

All five-star ratings and reviews

Online reviews are great to judge the quality of products and service providers. However, what if the majority of reviews that you read are completely fake? It happens—more often than you realize. Creating Google accounts and leaving fake reviews is easy. Asking people to leave 5-star ratings in exchange for money is also equally simple courtesy of platforms like Fiverr.

So, whatever ratings and reviews you see online, you must be uber skeptical about them. You must get alert when a marketing agency has got tens and hundreds of 5-star positive reviews. It can certainly be possible. However, in the service sector, it’s quite difficult to have such a perfect score. In short, if it’s all goody-goody about the agency, assume that the ratings and reviews are fake and that they are trying to cheat clients.

Stock photos in testimonials

Digital marketing companies in USA display client testimonials oh-so-proudly. And indeed, testimonials can be quite helpful to understand more about the agency. But then the same problem comes as the previous one—they can be fake. Now, there aren’t any infallible indicator to identify which testimony is real and which one fake. But there are a few variables that you can look at.

One of the biggest mistakes the fake-testimonial-bearers make is to use stock images in place of clients’ face. Just look at the picture—you would be able to tell if that’s a genuine person OR just a model from some commercial or photoshoot. You can even go a step further; reverse Google search and find similar images on Google. If it’s fake, you will find that person’s image on many websites.

Not leading with an example

What do you expect from an agency that offers SEO services? Of course, if not rank at #1 on Google for competitive keywords then at least have a website that’s well-optimized. An agency that’s promising you higher following on social media platforms, they must have a good following themselves. Similarly, if they are providing content writing services, they must have high-quality articles on their blog in the first place. Meaning, they must lead by example.

But then the bad marketing agencies would fail to lead by example. And you can easily identify this aspect. Look at their website, for instance. Is it optimized for search engines? Use any free online SEO grader to grade that website and see how well they trade. Following, look at their social following and contents on websites. Examine their portfolio very closely. With some light research work, you would soon be able to identify which agency is good and which isn’t.

These are 3 classic signs of bad digital marketing agencies in USA. If you’re looking for a good player, it’s important that you sidestep the bad ones. Use these parameters to find out who’s bad—and, hence, who’s good.