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Traditional Digital Marketing Strategies are Dying—Here’s How To Survive This Apocalypse

If you’re still investing in online banner advertising, you’re not only wasting money but also writing a failure story for your business. Same goes if you’re still employing tactics like buying an email list, keywords cloaking, and link farming.

While no one has really tolled the death knell yet, it’s official. The traditional digital marketing strategies are dying—if they aren’t dead already. But sadly, busy chasing the incorrect metrics, only few business owners outside the Fortune 5000 are really noticing it. And even those who do know the scoop, fewer know what to do about it.

So, if you own a business, how are you tweaking your marketing strategies to the changing dynamics of the digital scene?

Because, true to the original saying – evolve or perish – if you aren’t evolving, your business will eventually get run over by the competitors.

To help you get a start in the right direction, here are 5 tips to survive the apocalypse of dying traditional digital marketing strategies:

1. Don’t shell pointless contents

It’s an old news that content marketing is now at the dead center of the digital world, forming a backbone of Search Engine Optimization. However, for the majority, this, mistakenly, means shelling out contents, blindly, with no purpose.

Yes, they are writing blog posts, articles and PRs with no distinct strategy. If you’re one of them, stop.

The foremost thing you must do here is create a sales funnel and then position different content strategies at different stages. Everything you write must have an intent. You must know exactly what you want to achieve with each of the blog posts and articles you write.

This approach will add to your productivity, improve your results and keep your efforts efficient.

2.Make branding an integral part

There are so many business owners who treat digital marketing and branding as two separate concepts. And it is one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry today.

Branding is a subsidiary of marketing. Whether you’re mechanizing a search engine strategy or social media campaign, these can be polished – with the right set of messages – for the branding purpose of your business. And this is imperative.

At a time when competition level is so high, and customers are pickier than ever, it is branding that will help grow and sustain your business. The more you invest in your brand name, jewelling it with higher trust value and vision, the more rewards you will get in the long-run.

So, fix your marketing strategy and make branding an integral part of it.

3. Focus on conversion (not on traffic)

Let’s draw a line here. Generating traffic is one thing and converting is something totally different. Sadly, with digital marketing spectrum so deeply intricated, many fail to understand the distinction between these two.

And these are business owners who somehow manage to boost their website traffic but struggle miserably to convert visitors into purchasing customers.

Now pick one of the two:

a. Invest big to attract 10,000 visitors but convert only 10; or

b. Be smart to attract just 1,000 visitors but convert 100

Of course, the second option is much appealing and less costly. So, pick that.

Instead of creating a traffic-centric marketing strategy, focus just as much on conversion right from the get-go. Optimize your tactics to not just bring more visitors but also to attract purchasing customers.

4. Put retention above acquisition

Did you know acquiring new customers is anywhere five to 25-times costlier than retaining the existing ones?

Imagine, how easily you can boost your sales with the least of investment. You can save so much. And like they say, money saved is money earned.

So, don’t solely aim to acquire new customers. Strive to sell more of your products or services to the existing customers. Use email campaigns and cross-channel marketing effectively here.

5. DIY practices won’t field growth

If you want higher rewards (and in quickest time), DIY practices won’t be much of a help to you. After all, your skills and knowledge come with certain limitations. And above all, you lack the required experience.

In such time, it is always best to rely on experts who are likely more efficient and skilled. Hiring a good digital marketing company is a good idea.

Find an industry-reputed name who is offering a fitting service at an affordable price range. Do a proper research on them, be fully assured that they can fit your need and expectations, and only then hire them. If done correctly, you would see a good result in no time.

These are 5 tips that will help you survive the apocalypse of dying traditional digital marketing strategies. Indeed, the path ahead won’t be any easier and you’re going to face challenges in adapting to new market trends. However, at times like these, evolving is not an option. It’s essential. Evolve or risk getting extinct.