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Branding: Your SEO Success Secret For 2019

Many marketers still see SEO and branding as two very separate departments of digital marketing. Indeed, microscopically, they are different and require distinct strategies for greater return. However, in recent times, when put on broad terms, they have been overlapping each other. And this is a direct result of search engines, in the quest for “high quality”, preferring top, popular brands over the average ones. One, because, comparatively, the top brands generally have higher trust value. And two, because even the end users prefer brands over an unknown website.

DIY Experiment

For your own experiment sake, of any niche, compare the top brands with the smaller ones. You will notice, even with fewer backlinks and not as good contents, the top ones usually rank higher than the smaller, newer ones. And while at it, here’s another experiment for you: pick a few niches like healthcare, automotive, education, and fashion. And then Google different phrases. Irrespective of your search query, you will find, in every niche, there are a handful of website/brands that always dominate the first three to four pages. This is fascinating considering there are thousands and millions of websites out there—many of them better than those that rank higher.

This shift in the SEO trendline is extremely essential to implement with immediate measures. To rank higher on Google and Bing, you need to invest in your brand. Your SEO strategies must be centered on your brand name and not always on the keywords. Your contents must focus on your brand and not be obsessing to the keywords. The more you invest in your brand name, the better it will do organically. There are many ways to understand this dynamic.

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The Changes in Google and SEO

For instance, Google is focusing more than ever on rich snippets. It is reshaping its results to better serve the voice search. Fixating more on user experience, it is prioritizing UX signals like bounce rate, dwell time and pogo-sticking more. If you’re ranking high on SERP but the CTR is low, your URL will eventually get demoted. The search engines are now closely observing the linkless backlinks that eventually benefits the brand names.

All these changes in search algorithms, which are getting refined by every passing day, underlines how SEO is measuring to a whole new definition that’s closer to “brand” than “keywords”. So, if you’re looking for one game-changing way to champion search engines and, at large, take your business to the next level in the digital landscape, focus on branding in 2019. If you haven’t already, hire a good digital marketing agency in Woodland Hills and leverage their advanced and affordable SEO services.