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Your Social Media Marketing Approach Is Flawed

Originally, social media marketing was all about pushing products to the audience through innumerable link posts. With organic reach still good then and competition relatively lower, this tactic went on with decent success for very long. But then things changed, Instagram and SnapChat took away the hegemony of Facebook and Twitter, organic reach dropped, social media channels aced their paid advertisement programs, and the end users finally got sick of links and the constant bugging of buying something.

How It Is Now?

Today, although still used for conversion and sales, for many smart companies, social media marketing is an avenue to build a brand value. So many of these business owners do not directly push their products or services to their fan/follower base but rather strive to market their brand name. Because, well, as is evident today, in a crowd of competitors and when customers are more skeptical than ever, a decent positioning of brand value in terms of its recognition and storytelling can pave way for trust. And when trusted, a company can easily put a well-mapped sales funnel on automation with less care about what others are doing and how the digital trends are panning out.

If people recognize and trust their brand name, they are more likely to invest in them over others. So many top brands like Apple, AT&T, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Louis Vuitton does it so very well. Even if they reduce their advertisement budget today, their sales of existing products wouldn’t take any big hit. Isn’t that interesting? And isn’t that what you would rather want? A long-term growth with higher sustainability over a quick-term return…

This is where you must shift your social media strategies. This shifted approach, today, separates a successful organization from the non-successful ones and top social media marketing companies from the newer ones.

Change your approach

In short, today, social media platforms aren’t as much about getting the conversion and making sales as they are about building brand personality, recognition, and trust; at least for the smart business owners. So, it’s imperative that to be in sync with this changing landscape you steer your approach to focus more on the branding aspect of your business instead of aiming for short-term sales goals with social media posts equivalent to “please visit and check out our new lines of clothes *link*”. Such copies have “FAIL” written all over them.

Invest more in your brand logo (hire a logo design company in USA, if needed), engage with your audience through personalized contents, keep them hooked with interesting posts (memes never fail), talk to them in person, show the humane side of your business and bring as much “natural” to your social media presence as possible. These combined efforts will help you build a brand value of your company’s name, which, exuding a relatable story and lots of trust, will trigger conversion and sales for a long-term period with minimized investment.

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